District Board

Our District Board is comprised of 16 called members along with a number of ex-officio’s.  There are seven commissions to assist the Board in carrying out the mission and program of our District.  The Board meets every two months and commissions meet at various times between Board meetings.

Todd Reish
Board Chair

Tracy Knechel Sturgis
District Moderator

Tom Menke

Mike Yingst
Vice Chair and Missional Renewal Commission

Ty Pyles
Past Moderator

Sie Brock Jr
Ministry Commission

Fred Circle
Resource Development Commission

Laura Brown
Shared Ministries Commission

Jon Keller

Sarah Friedrich
Resource Development Commission

Dottie Woodard
Missional Renewal Commission

Phil Dell
Missional Renewal

Mike Meade
Ministry Commission

Rick Polhamus


Trent Smith

Amy Hager
Communications Commission

Mindy Tipton
Shared Ministries Commission